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Company History

USA Mortgage was incorporated in 1977 as a mortgage banker in Arizona. At that time, USA was only a commercial lender. Over the next 18 years, USA grew until USA Mortgage Corporation was the largest broker for Wells Fargo in the Southwest with many relationships with other investors also. At that time, Keystone Mortgage branched out into residential lending. This division grew rapidly, outgrowing the space available and purchased the building at 809 N. 5th Avenue in Phoenix.

The residential division is a full service residential operation with Conventional, Land and Construction loans available. The residential division has correspondent relationships with many investors, maintains several warehouse lines for in-house funding, and offers wholesale mortgages to the retail mortgage brokers in the southwest. At the same time, the residential division was building a small commercial operation. This unit focused on commercial loans between $100,000 and $5,000,000 since it was an unserved market in the southwest.

As the small commercial unit grew at a rate of about 50% per year, Aeries Capital who was in search of a vigorous large commercial representative approached the large commercial unit. After discussions were concluded, Aeries Capital bought USA's large commercial operation. The small commercial operation subsequently grew into that area also but has steadfastly maintained its focus on the smaller commercial loans (less than $5,000,000 loan amounts).

The commercial division now has correspondent relationships with some of the largest banking institutions in the world such as ABN AMRO, United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB). These relationships make us extremely strong in the "small" lending arena. We closed 95 transactions in 2003. We employ ten people in the Commercial Division. We underwrite directly for local banks. We are known by the loans we close. USA is privately owned. We value your privacy also. We will earn the right for your business every time. Thank you for the opportunity to satisfy your financing needs.